Linn Holm as senior consultant for Relato

Linn started in May as a senior consultant at Relato. She comes from CGI Norway, formerly Accando, and has previously worked several years for Accenture. Linn is a certified change manager with over ten years of experience as a change and project manager and has worked for several large companies across both sectors and national borders. In addition, she has a master’s degree in leadership and organizational psychology from BI.

Linn Holm

Linn chose Relato due to Relato’s philosophy of leadership through storytelling, as she, through her own experience, has experienced how good vital communication is to ensure understanding, anchoring and getting people along with the journey of change. In addition, it was a good match with the core values, where both energy, will and integrity are essential qualities, which create trust and commitment among employees and give strength to deliver.

Relato chose Linn based on her solid experience with change management and commitment to the leadership profession. The basic understanding of what it takes to succeed with change processes created inspiring discussions in the recruitment process. We look forward to getting to know Linn even better as a colleague in Relato.

As a senior consultant for Relato, Linn’s vision is to add value to customers by understanding the actual changes needed to achieve benefits. Her favourite tool is her ears.

Linn goes straight into an assignment as a project manager in Elkem, where she will work with contract and vendor management.

We warmly welcome Linn!