We welcome Marthe Pernille Hernæs to our team

We are proud to present Marthe Pernille as senior consultant at Relato. Marthe Pernille had her first day with us this week, and is already from start engaged as project manager in a customer assignment. She has a background from several sectors (oil, telecom and industry) and has experience from roles like project, program, process and line manager.

Picture of Marthe Pernille Hernæs

Marthe Pernille is an active woman with a master’s degree in petroleum technology and is currently working on her second master’s degree in technology management. In addition to being a consultant, she will also be subject responsible for project management in Relato. In her spare time, Marthe Pernille enjoys sailing with her friends and family.

Relato has chosen Marthe Pernille because of her skills with people and technology. She knows how to balance hard- and soft skills to solve tasks and deliver high value to our customers.

Marthe Pernille says that she has chosen Relato as it seems to be an exciting company in growth, with people putting action behind words.