Geir Ove Jenssen as senior consultant in Relato

In August, Geir Ove started working for Relato as a senior consultant. He comes from Chilimobil, where he had the role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Geir Ove has an impressive background from the telecom sector and has possessed several significant functions in the largest telecom companies in both Norway and Sweden. He has also been involved in building several companies.

Geir Ove Jenssen

Besides working for Relato, Geir Ove is also engaged by the Research Council of Norway as an expert in digitisation and ICT and has previously contributed to the assessment of several innovation projects for the private sector. In his spare time, Geir Ove likes to be active and challenge himself, whether he kites or brews craft beer.

Relato has chosen Geir Ove based on his impressive experience and expertise in ICT. Also, Geir Ove is a dynamic leader and a “people person” who handles both strategic and tactical projects within complex organisations.

Geir Ove says that he received a tip from a good friend recommending Relato and that he chose to accept the offer from Relato because he wants to help building the next big IT company within project management, architecture and security. Relato’s access to interesting customers, especially within the public sector was also an essential factor for his motivation. Geir Ove also emphasises that he was attracted to Relato’s values.

As a senior consultant for Relato, Geir Ove’s vision is to add value to customers by helping them in both planning and delivering. “My favourite tool is PowerPoint, and – nowadays – Teams”, says Geir Ove.

Geir Ove goes straight into an assignment as an enterprise architect at Statnett and will focus on improving systems and processes for operating the power system.

We look forward to getting to know Geir Ove better!