Another Billon NOK agreement made in partnership with Metier OEC

Our partnership with Metier OEC has paid off again and resulted in a 1,4 billion NOK deal with the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth (NDE). The agreement has a duration of 2-4 years and consists of delivering strategic consulting, program and project management.

“This is our third huge agreement made in 2019 and our second huge agreement made in cooperation with Metier OEC. We are very excited to see that our services are relevant, and we are eager to contribute to this agreement with top notch consultants and advisors within information security and -management” says Lasse Udjus, Chief Executive Officer, Relato.

For further information, please contact:

  • Reidar Grevskott, Chief Marketing Officer, tel: +47 920 58 410
  • Lasse Udjus, Chief Executive Officer, tel: +47 970 36 244

About NDE and the term eHealth:

The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth is a sub-ordinate institution of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. NDE is responsible for implementing the national policy on eHealth, establishing the requisite standards, and administrate the use of eHealth methodology nation-wide.

eHealth is a term used to describe healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication. eHealth refers to tools and services using information- and communication-technologies (ICTs) that can improve the healthcare system as a whole, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of medical conditions and diseases.